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Minera Cordillera del Viento S. A. is a young national company with strong roots in the mining tradition and history of the province of Neuquén. Its origins date back to the beginning of the mining business in the family company of their ancestors, who like many other immigrants that settled in such lands since the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the last century were able to generate work and wealth in those desolated regions of Argentina.

Initially devoted to the exploitation of non-metallic minerals and application rocks, also begun to work in the search and exploitation of metalliferous, such as gold, copper, lead and zinc, without forgetting about solid fuels (coals and asphaltites) and later including agro-minerals (potassium salts, gypsum, carbonates, dolomites).

Continuing with such heritance Minera Cordillera del Viento S.A. has devoted a great part of its recent history to the enhancement of many of the mining properties that today make part of its assets, focusing special attention to the exploration of their deposits with prospective potential in gold, copper and associate base metals. The company´s late investments that were devoted to the exploration of potassium deposits have been equally important. Therefore, the company has a very large amount of information that will enable an assessment of the real potential of those resources.

Geological researches and assessments available up to now about those mining properties and its areas of influence allowed to divide into seven zones the company’s deposits with best chances to continue the exploration and to define the potential of such prospects or to show projects of interest.

Such zones are:


Yeguas Hill
Cura Mallin
Del Diablo Hill
El Porton
Auquilco Lake
Alumine Lake

The first two zones are located in the southern end of the old mining district known as Andacollo, in the District of Minas, epicenter of the gold mining in the province of Neuquén since the late nineteenth century. Zones number three and four are also located in areas with a long mining tradition, which concentrated for many years the main exploitations of barite, lead and zinc of the province. The areas called El Portón and Lake Auquilco located to the east of the previously mentioned zones, in the Extra-Andean region, are known for its deposits of potassium, sulfur and asphaltites; while the last zone, in the district of Villa Pehenia, has a potential in the segment of ornamental granites. The latter also represents for Minera Cordillera del Viento S.A. a segment of interest, considering that the industrial processing of stone cladding maintains strong roots in the family mining company and its successors and, indeed, the selected area offers attractive possibilities for the development of such business.

Province of Neuquén. Related location of the prospective interest zones.


Yeguas Hill
Cura Mallín
Cerro del Diablo
El Portón
Lake Auquilco
Lake Aluminé


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